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Media Wizard with a mission to help businesses get what they need at a fair price. I am a fun, positive, hard working individual with a zest for life. I enjoy striving to excel at anything and everything I do. I choose to do this to make myself a well-rounded person, friend, coworker, and entrepreneur. Start writing more, loving more, and living life to the fullest!

So I launched my online store… What’s next?

Congratulations on launching your store! Now what? Sit and wait for the people to come to you? NO! Your business needs to have traffic to make sales. Where do you have a following? Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Local customer list? Owning a business you need to eat, sleep and breathe your business. Even online you need [...]

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Toy with Technology and Self-control

There are all these articles circulating about children being addicted to technology. Children not developing proper skills due to technology. Kids addicted to devices. What is the root cause? Us... Humans. We have become a society so dependent on a small time sucking devices in our pockets. We are told we need to be accessible 24 [...]

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4Runner = Love

I have nothing but awesome things to say about my 2015 4Runner I purchased at Sean Sargent Toyota in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Wow, what a beast! I love it. It's like driving a tank you feel very safe and secure. I test drove a ton of makes and models. I was looking at the Toyota [...]

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North West Baby Co.

  North West Baby Co. is owned by Toni Dumais. This lady has awesome Canadian products from across the country. She has everything from cloth diapers, blankies, books, scarves for momma's to beard oil for daddy's. I made her two logos to allow for a simple design and a more graphic logo. LOVE how these [...]

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